Photo by Lisa Doty

Jim Carter

Jim has been involved with images nearly his whole life, mostly still pictures but moving images too, "I remember my first camera was a Polaroid Swinger in the 60s I carried that thing all over Incline Village in Lake Tahoe." Eventually he graduated to an SLR, then video cameras and digital SLR's.

Professionally Jim started working with images as a printing press operator a career which lasted twenty years until he decided to go to work for a company which produced software and hardware for editing video, creating 3D animation, and compositing images over video. The eventual dominance of the Web got him interested in that technology so Jim taught himself HTML coding and went on to start building websites, he worked for a cable TV network as their web-master and IT guy for a while.

Now with retirement Jim has moved onto a sailboat where he can travel, take pictures and work on your website.